Here you can find some Frequently Asked Questions about Bookkeeping Services.  Arkwright Finance & Bookkeeping are specialist bookkeepers and certified consultants in MYOB & Xero.  If you can’t find out answer on this page, please get in touch with us.

What is cloud accounting and is it secure?

Cloud accounting simply refers to a way for you to store your accounting data online.  This allows access to your accounts at any time, anywhere and across multiple devices.  Easy access to your data leads to the all important question; is it secure?

Most of the leaders in cloud accounting software offer high-level multi-layered  security systems in order to protect the software using your information.  Your files are stored in secure data centres and the journey between the centre and your computer is done using encrypted connections.  Rest assured the software providers we recommend take security very seriously.

What does offsite bookkeeping mean?

Although it is important to meet face to face from time to time, much of our service is offsite, which means you don’t need to make the time for us to come in, take up your desk space and manually enter data.  With the goal of a great work-life balance in mind, we provide you with solutions that will help to save you time.

Using technological advances like cloud accounting, cloud storage and other add-on solutions tailored for your business, we can make sure you meet your financial obligations without wasting your valued time and space.

Which accounting software should I use?

The accounting market has been flooded with a range of new software solutions.  We however mainly work with MYOB, Xero and Reckon, not only because they are leading the way in new system technology, but also provide the top-level security and support.  They also partner alongside a wide variety of secure and trusted add-on services.

Whenever we recommend software, there is never just a blanket solution for everyone.  We take into consideration your full business needs to recommend the software that can give you the best results.

Why should I outsource my BAS/Bookkeeping?

A lot of small to medium size business owners take on the somewhat daunting task of doing their books themselves because they want full control and want to know exactly what is going on in their accounts, or simply because they don’t want to pay for someone else to do something they believe is easy enough to do themselves.  The simple software solutions now available to everyone have made this easier than ever for DIY bookkeeping, however the cheapest and simplest solution may not be the. best thing for your business, especially in the long term.  Many businesses end up with huge bookkeeping or accountant bills, or even fines from the tax office after being audited.  Simple errors can cost you business a fortune; are you confident in your GST, PAYG & IAS obligations?  Do you know how to process your accounts in compliance with the ATO?

Most business owners try and keep up with their accounts outside of business hours leaving the work day free for business-as-usual activities.  Do you want to spend your personal time on accounts or is there something more valuable for you to do?  A good bookkeeper will be able to process your accounts faster and more accurately than you could do yourself, leaving you with more time to review your financial reports, rather than fussing to create them.

It might be worth checking in with a BAS agent every now and then; they can provide you with additional training you might need, answer questions on unusual transactions or simply keep you updated on the latest changes on compliance.

Remember – it’s more cost effective to do it right the first time than trying to fix it later.

Where are you located?

We are currently running our office from the Swan Valley, Western Australia.  The advantage of the online cloud nature of the work we do is that we can easily service your business needs regardless of where you are located.

For initial consultations with local businesses, we will meet you in your offices or on a Teams call, but we aim to get our client’s work 100% online as quick and as seamlessly as possible.

How much do you charge?

The fees we charge will vary in accordance to the service we provide each of our clients.  A new client will usually be placed on an hourly rate until the scope of work has been determined.  Once we have a clear understanding of the business needs, we will offer you a weekly, fortnightly or monthly package.  These packages will include any services and software fees associated with the work we have agreed on.

Fixing up messy or outdated accounts will be quoted on a per-job basis and upfront payment will be required.

Our prices vary anywhere from $80-$120 per hour (ex) depending on the service you require, but please do contact us if you would like a more accurate price.